The iconostasis in a temple of Holy Mother of God Icon Nikolo-Ugreshsky a monastery

Victor and Lydia Mitrofanovs participated in exhibitions consecrated to icon painting in Russia, and abroad.

Their works were exposed in many cultural centers of different countries of the world.

1991 - Exhibition of icons, at All-Russian Exhibition Center
1992 -
"Light to All world", Central Exhibition Center, Manege
- "Modern Russian icon", State Research Institute of Restoration.
- " Many-sided Russia ", the Russian Academy of arts.
1994-1995 -
" Culture of Russian Orthodoxy ", All-Russia Exhibition Center.
1995 -
Brussels, Cultural centre LFL; "The Resurrection", Central Painter’s House; "Pease to your house, Serbia ", International Center of Slavic Culture.
1996 -
" Modern icon painting ", Church of the Protection in Fili.
1996-1997 -
II Festival of the Russian art to Chicago, USA.
1997 -
"Orthodox book and modern church art ", State Tretyakov Gallery.
2000 -
" Christmas 2000 ", Creative Union of Artists of Russia; "About you are pleased" International Center of Slavic Culture.